WIDGETSHARE UPDATE 2.0.11 - you can now DRAW on PHOTOS

hello so here is an updated widget share app and it was just recently updated with a cool new feature you can now draw on your widgets on the update widget page click the paint brush icon in the top right and also you have more languages portuguese spanish german french russian polish and yeah we are still working to improve translations so that's pretty cool app if you don't like locate widget or you don't like noted drawing app so this app basically combines two widgets so now for example if i have this widget here i was just showing that now you can have this brush and then you can just add like anything uh like you can also just draw on on the image um which is pretty cool and you can also add text here and then you can just drag it around and then you can just tap save and send it to your friends tab send so yeah basically this new update is really amazing because basically you can send notes similar to noted app or you can send photos um similar to locate widget but you can't do both on these apps here you can both send photos and send drawings in this photo so that's amazing app that's new update it's really cool so definitely have fun with your with your friends colleagues give it a try

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