hey everyone so a lot of people are asking like will facebook app now be called mata app so you have your like if you search like facebook or whatsapp or messenger like will it be called now meta instead of like facebook it will be called mata now so the answer as i understand is no so facebook is changing its corporate name to mata so it's not app name it's more like corporate name a mata will be like an umbrella company which is holding um like other companies uh and it is like facebook whatsapp uh and other apps um so zuckerberg publican announced in july that he wanted facebook to become a metaverse company eventually um and facebook's my social app will exist underneath the new brand name as well as the rest of the company's products like horizon and whatsapp it's a bit like google existing under the alphabet umbrella uh so like as you know google we all know google.com so that's company and there is youtube.com but the whole holding name is actually called alphabet if you didn't know so that's the same so that's like for some reason the whole company is changed to mata to promote this matter worst vision but the facebook whatsapp instagram will rename under the same brands as i understood it um so so there you have it so there you have it as i understood yeah that's what i understood so the bottom line is facebook a main social app won't change its name if you have on other insights or comments just leave it under the under this video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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