WindScribe VPN - how to use? FULL OVERVIEW

hey everyone so to ins install vinscribe vpn just type get here uh and then you will be able to install this vpn on your iphone it's only 40 megabytes 11 000 ratings 4.6 average rating and then you can get up to 10 gigabytes free per month so you can just select that you can see all of that connect or disconnect automatically four protocols to choose from choose a preferred protocol for any network import and connect your own vpn config dark and light mode so interesting app so let's just see here if it's really that good so like get started uh then you can just you can need to give access for this app to okay so then i see that there is like two gigabytes left so that's pretty cool um with pro subscription just 48.99 period you have unlimited data or 8.99 per month so that i can just allowed to add vpn configurations and that's it and it of course is just sets up the best location based on where you're located right now [Music] and then you just connect you can also just connect from here okay so i just want to use atlanta mountain and then there it is now i'm connected instantly i guess that and then i see vpn in top right uh sorry in top left of the of the my screen and this all the countries some of them require premium but yeah you can use is canada west and then you can log in sign up general so that's that uh hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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