Windy app - full overview & how to use?

hello everyone in this video we're gonna go through a quick and easy tutorial of app which is runs through the top charts right now especially in the times of like bad horrible weather conditions and hurricanes you need to want to have an app which is like easy to use and a bit more advanced than like standard iPhone weather app or Android weather apps um so yeah here windy uh also known as Serenity is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization fast intuitive and detailed accurate weather app instructed by professional Pilots paraglider skydivers Fighters and all of that um so you can track a tropical storm potential severe weather you can bring get better quality information that the other other apps Pro features and all of that so here you can see all of the advanced features and also this app now has access to widgets and lock screen widgets which are which is the newest feature on ir-16 but anyhow here is the app you can tap on left sidebar uh so yeah you can just tap there and then you can create a log out or uh yeah in top right and then you go I already created my account so you can create your account here and why this app is actually pretty cool because of this like map visualization so you can see like developments of different weather layers during the hours then you can just select whether Red Rider or and then again satellite and then you can see movements of all of these weather conditions and then you can select wind like wind gusts you can select temperature and you can select clouds Cloud base so all these layers you can just have it here and then you can select waves uh you can select air quality so yeah by the right Rider like you can do it here um so that's as well what you can try to do and uh yeah so that's the idea uh also they have like a Tracker you can see like where the hurricane is like today will be tomorrow yesterday and you can see like for example an example of these 11 tropical hurricane where how it develops in the Atlantic Ocean and then just moves over the Atlantic Ocean so you can see that if you want you can upgrade to Indie premium for one year it's 29.99 you can get yeah three hour forecast in a free one but high resolution one hour forecast in premium Now advertisement tracking cookies um and then you will just get some premium support and all of that uh or you can get like annual subscription if you want to subscribe that's a bit cheaper but then it will be renewed every year you if you don't want to use it for another year you will need to cancel so then this app also has like widgets so tap and hold and then you can search for uh widgets and you can tell some forecast okay so forecast widget uh and you have you see you have like some premium videos as well so uh so yeah then you can just use this widget and this is how it looks like also you can install lock screen widgets if you have IOS 16 if you have iPhone 8 or newer you can install a 16 and then on your lock screen you can just tap and hold and then just find customize button and then you will be able to add that search from Hindi and add locket lock widget on your lock screen meaning you don't even need to open your phone or go to your home screen you will instantly see your weather of widget right um right on your lock screen so that here you can edit videos as well you can select custom location you can select different appearance light Arc mode you can select different forecasts more I don't know what that is and then you can just tap and then you can remove the widget basically that yeah also some really Advanced like menus like what you want to display on the map forecast models have feedback so really like Advanced app if you want to have some you know digging into the water and hurricanes and all of that hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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