Wingman dating app - how to create an account?

so here is the app which is called wingman better dates landed by friends so let's just install this app um yeah just go to the app store use your face id or touch id to install the app click and save to sign up choose friends to play matchmaker let them tell us how great you are let them introduce you to a perfect match sit back and relax for matches rolling so maybe you're too shy or maybe the other apps just doesn't work for you so maybe you just can outsource your date and experience to your friends um so here you see that average rating is 4.2 out of 5 268 ratings let's just open the app and this video let's try to create an account together let's go through all the steps so you know better how to do it so you can accept an invite here uh has a friend invited you to join them on the weekend so you can do that or you can just tap get started and then here you see the options to find days from my friend or for myself so something like that next and then you need to create a profile choose photos from facebook so you just need to add your date of birth just as an example your city optional then i can just tap continue why it's not creating uh who do you trust to find your date i don't have inkman yet and then you just need to enter your number so let's try to do that enter your own number not your friends and then they are trying to get your number so now i will just use some other app so there you have it then you can just give access to your account but yeah i guess this app only works in the united states or canada probably so uh then the cool feature about this app that you can add a van here to add you can invite multiple people and then just tap done and then so something like that so here you have the idea of this app and now you have all these ideas so that's the app um hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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