Wink weather app - full overview

here's swing fighter app and it's quite handy it's very easy to use and basically here if you search for specific location like in Florida you can exactly see all these storm warnings uh and then you can see specific locations for this warnings you can see the temperature the wind trans you can see latest forecast uh uh hurricane coverages and then you can see hourly weather in specific location and then you can see daily uh it's pretty uh precise you can see like what like 10 days ahead and then you can see all these storm surge warnings released and then read more about them then also in this step you can see traffic exactly what's happening and how you can go in that direction um yeah so you can see some incidents or some construction works so it's pretty handy app definitely give it a try a wink weather app and then you can go to the map and then just explore in the map exactly uh so yeah geared right to this app it was just like a quick overview in case you want to download it or use it thank you for watching

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