Wintrust Community Banks app - how to create an account?

so here is wind trust community banks app so let's just try to install it um so yeah you just usually install it with your uh just touch id or face id and then you can see the size of it your interest community banks app helps you manage your money quickly and easily anytime anywhere whether checking your balance deposit in the check by any bill of transparent funds it delivers a new level of speed and convenience mobile app self enrollment enroll in digital banking via the mobile app without having to use a computer account information view your statements check balances and recent activity easy transaction identification so all of that so this app still has not that many resources and not many reviews so here you need to log in already with your account with your user id i don't know sure that you can create account right from the app so this mobile app is just like a mobile interface um so yeah so that's how it works uh yep so that's basically the app idea um yeah you can try it out it's better to use this mobile app instead of um yeah just going to your browser and stuff like that so hope this is helpful

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