Wisdom - Listen & Learn - app overview

hello everyone so here is this exciting app which is called wisdom listen and learn conversations that matter so let's try to install it and go through so you can just use your touch id or face id to install and the idea is that you can just talk with experts on everything listen live or listen later be inspired by thousands of talks connect with interesting people creator friendly tools and stats uh be early to the wiser social audio community so probably you heard about clubhouse or twitter spaces there are a lot of apps which are engaging in this audio social audio real-time audio and all of that and this app are actually extremely addictive so let's try to create an account you can do link it in twitter or apple i usually just go with apple because it's like super fast so i can just do that and then i can just choose my username here you can create your my account um so i can just write something like this [Music] then last step notifications and also pretty smooth sign up process and then you can just start listening to this conversation if you don't like it you can just swiper one you can see all the couches here all the speakers you can see um all that and then you can also see the replays you can move forward move back share talk report talk change the speed so it's like an audible but for real-time conversations and then you can see arts and hobbies fashion and beauty all these categories so that's fun then you can bust off that's pretty interesting uh so someone started to follow me i mean nice then i can just add social links um instagram linkedin account twitter account um the youtuber change profile picture and then i can just create my first talk and then just start the talk and i need to give access to my microphone and then ask gas to join and then i can just share it invite other people here and yeah so that's pretty fun um so that's how it works i can see all the notifications and then i can just end the dock here i can see lengths i can see all the stats followers total listeners and yeah so this is my profile and i can see talks here that's amazing i can go to settings so i can allow gus to join or not i can delete my account i can contact support and then i can discover new personalities new influencers i want to follow here so that's basically that's how this app works i think it's really nice idea it's different from clubhouse because the focus here is really on the on the like personalities and like top experts in their fields so not everyone so everything is divided and categorized so definitely worth a try and as i can see here like in the library there are a lot of rooms where you have like 500s this is alexa so there are some traffic on this app um so definitely give it a try so that was just a quick overview go get this app again it's called wisdom listen and learn conversations that matter get this app try it out and have fun                                                                                                                                                                                          

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