Withme - Friends, Chat, Games - app overview

so here is this trending app which is called with me friends chat games this app is one of the materials apps uh where you can use your online avatar and like 3d avatar and then just hang out with people in these 3d virtual spaces you can play together chat watch videos cost a party like get creative so they call it friend verse so the plus of these apps is that you don't need to show your real face or your real name but you still want some social interaction and that's where you can use this app so basically that's how you create an account here is the app and then there is your avatar in 3d which you can just move around you can edit the avatar here you can change the clauses then there's your name then you can tap on your icon in top left and then yep here are some settings you can reach out to help center um then there are your messages like you can message someone here then there are your friends so that's it basically and then let's just join the visme server let's see how it works so yeah it just takes some time and then you you see some helpful tips here below while it's loading and there you have it so now you are in this welcome party and i don't know if there are any other spices here but that's how it looks like then you can just chat with people you can just message someone you can add friends invite friends here you can just go like this usually there should be like more and then you can just play like super trivia for example here but of course you need other people as well so this is like gta city but just with your friends and then you can just do like escape room and yeah so that's that's pretty cool and then you can just walk around and play some other games here so that's the idea so yeah something like that then you can just dance for me it looks like gtr gta vice city uh and then but yeah there aren't that many people right now here so you need to wait because this app is popular in us so you need to wait for us uh times to be in u.s time zone to to have more people in this app so that's the idea yep that's how it works and that's basically it i don't know if there are any other spaces at the moment there are this just uh welcome party by with me app probably there will be also other spices created by other players but again you just need to be in the time zone of your ass to like get to see more players here so i hope that is helpful um thank you for watching

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