Withme: friends, chat, games - how to create an account?

hey so here is this app called with me friends chat games uh maybe it's one of those metaphors apps so let's just use touch id to install it um yep so this app has megabytes in size you can design your look you can make friends you can play together you can watch videos host a party get creative welcome to the friend verse i think amazing app to meet up with friends chat and play games together you can email feedback at bismi.com um yep so true to avatar you can be super creative in this app and just chat his friends in with your avatars without showing off your real profile so that's actually super interesting and that's how it looks like so there are at the moment painting ratings 4.7 average rating and let's just wait until it installs here it is and let's just try to create an account here so get started let's see how it works with the account so then you can choose your avatar and just tap next then you can just use hair face and head tap next closing looks good when's your birthday you just enter your birthday time then you need to enter your us phone number then you need to get a verification code so i'm just using this app for the sake of this demo which is called texts no sorry i can't find the app one second guys i just need to get my verification code here so there it is so basically it's pretty nice app if you're outside of your ass or you need to um so it was eight nine eight ah sorry guys okay let's just redo this so this time let's choose this avatar it's just yeah it's this app is it is what it is now finally we can create some password username and there you have it hopefully this username will be available the username will be seen by others and it cannot be changed and then your account is created um yeah you can report the bug by just shaking your phone you can reach out for help help dot vis me so it takes some time but yeah that's basically an overview because this app is just like you know has this 3d avatars and all of that and then finally you have your avatar so now you can just move around and that's your welcome party and then yeah you can just enjoy this yep so that's how you create an account i will do an app overview in another video

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