WMR app Where is my Refundo? Quick overview

hey there so here's the interesting app called where's my refundo um vme R plus so this is alternative app to IRS to go app and you can just uh check the status of your refund let's track uh yeah down your refund so here you have it just you can enter your SSN ite number your filing status your refund amount and then you can just see the status uh we have received your tax return and it is being processed if you fill the file that complete and accurate text return on your phone should be should be seen 21 days of the receive date uh processing may take longer so this is just like an example and then links directed to tax topics are the rest to go for more info so yeah this is just an app and then you can just track down your refund so for example you can just go to specific state and then yeah you just check your status just enter your social security number numbers my address ZIP code refund amount tab type the character from the picture and then check your refund you have been redirected to uh uh uh yeah so just depending on on the state like connected code and then you're just being redirected to other websites not of these websites have the best mobile view to be honest uh you can see here like Colorado some of the website is just not available uh uh yeah so that's unfortunate and some of those that have the design like this uh so yeah some of this website says doesn't require you to file personal state income tax return so yeah there you have it uh that's basically an idea so that's like the app you don't need to create an account anything uh as you can see itself IRS website is pretty complicated so here you can just use some kind of of the apps like this and then also there is official app IRS2Go app where you can also check your refund just like this it's a bit easier as well uh yeah 30 Howard

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