WONDER AI ART Generator - app overview & how to use

so here's wonder ai app where you can generate ai art and it's yeah where it relaxing app you can also use it for free but if you're using it for free there are some of these annoying app ads and then you just need to upgrade if you want to avoid them but still to use the the concept of an app uh let's just okay i'll just show you how it works okay bear with me and now this app should be should be finished soon okay in three seconds and then yeah so yeah this is a bit annoying so they are pushing you a lot into um upgrading so for example here i just entered this prompt with planets and then i select different styles so you can select different art styles which you like and this app won't generate you uh you know like very precise photo like image it will just create like uh this artistic uh image where you can publish it to gallery you can name it like that and then you can just publish it and then okay you need to create an account to do that so it's pretty easy pretty fast to sign up it's apple if you want and then yeah publish successfully and yeah this is your username and then it's in your feed if you want and yeah then you can share it to your friends and stuff like that um so that's the idea if you want to sign up to wonder pro you can try pro now that's 4.99 per week and three days free trial and 4.99 per week which you can try it so that's how it's working you can sign out you can delete account and that's the whole idea of the app and you can generate a lot of these different prompts you can of course change it like you can just write something like this you can enter multiple prompts you can add also input image so for example i want to generate a dock and i select the image of this dock and then the final ai image will be much closer to the photo image here so that's basically the idea of it there is a discord there is a pro version but i need to say that this app actually looks very similar to the original app where i discovered all this ai concept and this original app is called dream by wumbo so definitely give a try to dream by rambo app as well because i think that was the original app which got like you know 126 000 ratings 4.8 average rating and yeah that's how it how it is so something around it um try out the app try wonder try dream by wombo actually i think when dream by womba app was released though started to be many copycats apps because maybe they're using some like gpt ai algorithm or some like open source algorithm i don't know the whole idea about it so it's just subjective shot but maybe it can be quickly copied or something like that some main elements of it but then you can see all of these styles and all of that there are many styles to unlock some of them you need to upgrade um yeah there will be more and more apps like that because the technology is becoming so like it's coming into masses so anyhow hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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