hello so in this video we're gonna go through Wonder AI art generator app uh which is going in top charts right now and probably you heard about Dream by one boy app so this app is pretty similar I think it's kind of a bit of a copycat but anyhow it also has its own amazing features so it's the core of this app is that it's using AI technology to turn words into art so you can type some prompt Like Elephant Forest Tower and then you can select some AI model and it will generate an image for you it will create art and then you can save this art on your profile and share it with other uh save wallpapers and just play with it enjoy creativity yeah so as you can see here here are some cool things you can ask Wonder to paint for you some poems song lyrics movie characters star signs uh you can share it you can explore new Styles you can use it as lock screen so a bunch of ideas how you can use this amazing AI technology but let's just go through the app and I'll try to touch all the details which you can use in this app so basically here's how it looks like you can create an account with Apple ID Google Facebook and then I just want to enter something like Forest by the way these apps so far work a bit better with more like abstract Concepts like planets River City but if you just enter your selfie or specific person or like like cat and you want like Photo like image it won't work that well like AI technology it's not there yet it's almost there there are already some gpt3 models or uh yeah there were some other Google projects which generate like photos uh from your words but this app is not that so and then you just need to select AI model by the way you can enter some multiple prompts I guess uh so you can just uh do this and then you can just select some model there are abstract and there are realistic ones a lot of them unfortunately are locked each model has its own name if you want to use this one there is one there Pro I will touch on it later and basically it means that uh yeah you need to pay for it but anyhow let's just select this one there are also realistic painters so realistic means that your your image will be much less abstract and it will be more like a photo um so that's also cool in the bottom you can also select input image that's another great feature so you can either give access to your camera roll and like generate image like for example if I want to generate image of the city I can just add this image and uh it it will use this image as an idea for your artwork it's it can be really helpful if you already have some image some sketch some idea and you don't want to create some really unrelated abstract artwork but you just want to do something like super related uh to your image or you can just even take a photo so for example I can just take it out of my laptop of My Pan and then this app will just use that as an idea for a future artwork but anyhow let's just use an example okay and I'll just try to tap dog and I will select this IM input image as as a reference for the final output and then we can just use that unfortunately there are so many I mean I will bring like app reviews people are not that happy like on the first release of this app when it just started to enter top charts in the US App Store there weren't that many ads and there were a lot of styles which were accessible but as soon as this app started to go viral I think developers introduced much more ads and a lot much more Styles and now everywhere basically to use this app constantly I think you will need to upgrade because yeah it's it's not feasible to to wait 30 seconds every time it will just waste a lot of time so here for example I'm just using that input image and then you can see the process of creating and that's basically how it works then your prompt is created so if you're not happy you can just tap to uh to recreate it so just tap here to recreate here you can also modify your prompt so you can change like the text for which you want to do it then there are recommended styles and then uh yeah you can also you're happy with the result you can send it you can also save it to your camera roll you can export it if you tap in the top right uh yeah on the right sidebar here so that's what you can do and then in the bottom you can also tap publish or share so by sharing you can just share it via messenger or to your friends or something like that and by publishing uh you will be able just to publish on your profile screen yeah for some reason there is some bug here okay so I think the app is stuck yeah I was also checking out app reviews and people saying that there are quite a few bucks still uh make sure to update the app or if it doesn't work just delete the app and reinstall it because probably there are a lot of users while this app is viral that's why it's uh you know there are bugs here and there um there are a lot of improvements and new features uh okay anyways seems it's it's a bit stuck so if you want to if you want to export it some stuff is not working okay try to open it up again sorry guys but I'm just showing you the real process uh but yeah you can just relaunch it like that and then I will just show you my profile how it looks like and yeah so finally it's it's loading so yeah as you can see here is just an hour you have the back looks like so I just wiped up to restart the app uh because yeah that's the the way to do it and then yeah finally it's reloading so that's that and then if I go to my account I can see all my previous creations here they are I just published them to my door so here I just took a photo of my band and then I generated it so from here I can change the name uh I can download it I can tap on your icon in top right and then yeah if you want you can always upgrade to wonder Pro that's 4.99 per week and then there is three day free trial but that's pretty expensive that's five dollars per week it's like 20 dollars per per month uh uh so yeah but then you have faster processing and most important you have no ads so that's the most annoying part of this app probably uh or you can select 39.99 lifetime which is a good deal as well so if you're using it for more than two months select just select that and also you will have access to all 50 plus Styles you can download higher resolution unlimited article creation yeah I think if you're trying to use this app a lot that's that's the only way because there are just too many ads to be honest and then Discord is in the top right so you can join Discord for any support issues that's where I would go uh then again you can easily tap on your icon until it account in the bottom sign out there is a mile support uh you can change your profile picture if you just tap on it uh yeah so you can just do that and then yeah change your username but you can do it only once and that's basically it um that's the app I hope you like it it's uh it's nice uh nice to use you can generate all these different models and there are so many styles you can check them out uh yeah the only things are just yeah there's like too many ads and there are a few bucks here and there uh so definitely give a try to the app uh it's really enjoyable and it can be addictive to try all this stuff and also enjoy all this AI technology hope you enjoyed it check out my Tick Tock check out my blog Mr hack.io and see you in the next videos

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