so here I'm trying to create an account in Wonder AI app and I just started and then I need to select some prompt which meaning text for which I want to create an account and then I just select AI painter for example this one and then I'm just trying to create and this is basically the idea so you select like planets in space and then you just create this so that's basically the idea that's how it's working and yeah if you want then you are offered to sign up to wonder product which is 4.99 per week not per month and but it has three day free trial or 39.99 lifetime and then here you can just again type in prompt so you can do that and then you can just choose any abstract painter something like this and then you can just use some input image if you like or you can just tap to create but again there are a bit too many ads here so it's really impossible yeah that's uh if you read app reviews you can see that people are actually pretty annoyed with the ads because of the recent update in this app there are just too many ads and uh there are all the styles are basically limited oh and they're just pushing you really hard to upgrade unfortunately it just happened like two days ago when this video was published before that the app was completely great and all of that but now it's really going super hard with ads otherwise you just need to upgrade so there you have it so now you can recreate you can modify uh your prompt you can see these different styles you can then just publish it and publish it means it will be on your profile so there you have it uh that's basically how it works uh that's the idea um yep so hope that is helpful

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