Should you upgrade in Wonder AI generator app? When I was reading the reviews on the App Store, people were pretty annoyed with, for example, the ads, as you can see here. For example, if we just try to generate something and let's see how the process looks like.

First you're in the queue because you are in there the free account with a paid account, you will be able to avoid this and either know how long this queue takes. Then after this probably will be shown an ad, an ad can last like 30 seconds and there is no way so you will need to watch the ad.

I don't see this in queues section every time but because I already generated quite a few images today, I think like more than five images, that's why now I see in queue section. As you can see, it's pretty annoying. But again, it's just because I already generated a bunch of images today. If you have generated just one two images per day, I don't think you will see this part.

Then you will see ads and then there is like a limited amount of styles. A lot of like major styles are actually locked because you are not on the premium subscription. That's basically the idea. That's how it's working. Let's just restart the app. I hope you got the idea that it's actually taking quite a bunch of time here.

Users are writing an app reviews, like just a few weeks ago, this app was much more open, much more style. If you type here, you can see that a lot of styles actually are blocked, especially in the abstract painters. A lot of them are blocked here. You will need to upgrade.

If you just go to the subscription Wonder Pro, you have faster processing as you can see there are no queues, there are no ads and user talent. Like just two weeks ago or something,started to be so many ads and so much stuff has been locked after this app reach some virality in the app store.

Then you can unlock all the 50 styles. You can download the high resolution artwork and all of that and the subscription is $5 per week. It's not cheap. It more than $20 per month. It's pretty expensive. But if you're using more than two months, of course, that just makes sense for you to buy a lifetime subscription billed once, and I don't know if it's a yearly or is just billed once.

If I type here and I just tap unlock Wonder Pro, let's just check it out. It's just a one time subscription. It's not a yearly renewal. It's actually a pretty good deal if you try to use this app and if you believe in the team that this app you'll become better or if you're just using it for work for hobbies, just try that.

Then you have this for 99 per week and you have three day free trial. That's basically it. You decide. But I suggest if you're using this app like if you generate more than three or five images per day and if you like it, enjoying it, you will probably need to upgrade because the ads are just super annoying. That's the main point I would say.

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