WooPlus dating app - full overview

okay so here is this app which is called two plus it's one of the most popular niche dating apps uh compared to tinder or bumble or badou so just a quick description yeah maybe you already know your type and voo plus is the app which is uh which as they say here connects big beauties big guys and all their admirers um so yeah you can meet curvy singles near b um and then it just looks like uh tinder but i think if you know that your type are curvy people maybe it's just better thing for you to use this app instead of a tinder because it's like super niche dating app or niche audience and you will have higher chances of success so let's just take a look how this app looks like so here is the app super easy to create an account for free you can actually just sign up with the apple id which is just instant then just upload your photo and you're good to go and then here you can just like someone or so like don't like then you can just tap to say hi if you want to send private messages you will need to upgrade or then you can just like so that's then i just liked and then i can see just all these profiles and then you can also report a block you can rewind here then there are like daily peaks so these are probably profiles who are paying for uh for yeah and then um you can see who liked you and then you can see moments i don't know how to change these moments or how like how to filter out from who this moments are appearing and there you have it and then then you when you created your account it will be in review for a while you can edit your profile you can change your location you can answer all these questions you can set your income kids ethnicity smoking drinking add interest and then preview and also add a video tour so that's kind of interesting and then you can set up your preferences you can set up your age range you can set up advanced search then there is like help and feedback you can if you want to delete your account you can just tap here to delete an account and then just tap delete in the bottom so here you can also start private chats and also you can do vip membership so that's like a paid subscription you can start with this app you can unlock all the amazing features like send unlimited messages view more rounds of profiles fine tune your source see who like to restart your expired match and all of that yeah so to get vip just go to your profile in top left tap get vip then you can get one month for 18.99 or like 12 months for 98.99 757 percent and then you will see all the features if you just join now you can subscribe with your phone um to cancel it you need to cancel in settings apple id at least one day before each renewal date so that's how it works so that's the app again it has super simple design everything is really nice but the main thing is like if you know your type that you're looking for curvy man or woman maybe that's the top app there is right now for dating in that niche category so definitely try it out um also leave your reviews in the comments below what do you think and see you in the next videos                                                                                                                                                                                          

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