Woov - festival companion app - preview & how to create an account?

here's interesting app called wolf or wo V your Festival companion so this app is currently in the top charts in some European countries in UK because you know there are like so many festivals going on during summer and people just try to go to festivals discover some interesting events explore the map uh map your own create your own timetable yeah here you can see some screenshots and just you know have better experience uh with this app you can connect with friends go into a music event a festival playing event by making a personal timetable find everything and everyone on the map stay in touch with your group and much more so that's that and it's yeah it's much easier because festivals can be like so overwhelming you can see like tens of thousands of people [Music] um and yeah uh like there can be so many events so it's just good to organize that in in one app and have it and know where you're going to which events are you going and stuff like that so here you can discover some festivals you can see when they're happening um which dates so it's already helpful and you can sign in you can see again you can discover all of that so for example if I just tap on this Festival I can see invite friends uh so tap here and then I just need to create an account okay so let's just create an account here I usually just create an account with Apple ID and then I can create at my country or the okay United States um then I can just cut accept and continue and there you have it and then I can start a group and invite friend here uh so that's basically how it works so join the event invite your friends so yeah and then it just basically creates my group where I can gather friends and then I can invite them and it will be like a group chat for that Festival who are also here I can see the timetable I can see the community so that's how it works and then if you create your account it's just easier for you to manage all of this stuff here so something around it hope it is helpful

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