Word Guess - Word Games app. WORDLE ALTERNATIVE?

hey everyone so here is wordle app alternative which is called word gas word games so it kind of looks almost the same as a wordle app but if you don't know wardle app is only available on the website um so it doesn't have google play store app or an app store app so i'll just show you how it looks like so ward all yeah so power language dot co dot uk so this is the original wordle app just in case uh but the trick with it of course is going viral everyone is just sharing it but uh it only has one game per day because yes there is one quiz and then everyone tries to solve it um so yeah these games um allow you to to play many games per per day and that's you can train and then become real pro in the in the world lab anyways so you can guess the mystery five letter word in six tries so yellow is the letter in the word but in the wrong place grey is the letter not in the word green the letter that is correct is present in the word and in the right position so here it is and uh yeah for example i just play together so you can't just enter random letters this five letter should be a real word so then you can just tap enter and then you can see that letter e is here so then i'll just try to enter another word so okay this name is not in the in the list so i wanted to enter trees but maybe that's not okay let's just do that so okay that e is in correct position so yeah i'm just showing you how to play this game but of course this is again not an original wardell app and the whole virality of the wardle app is that you can solve it once per day and show yeah just literally everyone's just trying to solve the same quiz that's why it's kind of interesting so now i need to try the word which has e in the in the middle ideally uh so i don't know like so you need to have a lot of uh like vocabulary [Music] no problem that's not the of course not the one but there is also an letter [Music] and there is no eyes there is no vowels so anyways i've got i think you got the idea uh so okay let's just try some other words i'm not like a pro here uh so obviously there are a lot of strategies how to play this game you need to know a bit of standard words which will help you out to guess more letters so for example i wanted to enter a place but that's that's bad word in this scenario to enter anyway so there is also d but that's in the wrong position new e not in the word list okay finally so i have now e and d [Music] and hey which kind of word has so anyways to not take your time hopefully you got the idea

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