hey everyone so um i was just checking out wardle today and i also noticed that it moved to new york times domain and there are some bugs uh so some wordle users are reporting that their players straight strikes not properly transfer to the games you're watching on the new yt website ut side is working on a solution to restore it so these things just strike the consecutive days a player has solved the puzzle um so so the original world website was at powerlandage.co.uk so now when today i opened this website yeah i was just like where's where is the wardle and then i'll just okay here is the wordle and then if you tap there it just moves you to the to the new york times um and then uh you just uh see that actually yeah maybe i see the correct number of games i played five games okay hundred percent being one current strike two max strike uh so there you have it but for some users it just doesn't work because uh like wordle app didn't have ability to have an account and password like you know where where you can just uh [Music] you know save your progress and all of that so it was just you go to the website and based on your api or your browser your mobile device your progress is saved but now when it's moved to another domain maybe something broken somewhere some database i don't know some players reporting on social media that their strikes were set back to one on the new it version and most of their other statistics appear to have transferred correctly so new it recommends that players use the same device in browser to open the game but probably a lot of people just do that so there you have it um so yeah uh yeah it can be super disappointed for some people who have you know like 200 strike or something and then you can just you know uh show it to your friends hey i have like 200 days like strike in wordle but like now it's gone so what's the whole point now you just need to start from the beginning so that's a bit disappointing um yeah i don't know what what can be done like if you have an al there's a solution how to fix it you try did you try using the same browser and phone as i say here maybe same wi-fi connection maybe you play it on 3g or yeah just try to use some wi-fi connection same browser and same mobile device or some same desktop device so yeah something like that

test again to make sure upload and ...
test again to make sure upload and everything works
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