WORDLE APP redirecting to New York Times URL - NEW URL

so where is where is um wardle app i usually was accessing it on powerlandwich.co.uk um [Music] but yeah as it was acquired by um by new york times so now they have a new url so if you go to new york times uh slash game slash wordle slash index.html so that's the new url so don't freak out if you can't change wordle app wordle app is not on app store it's not in google play store or samsung galaxy store there are a bunch of apps which are called portal but they are not the original ones so this is the original quiz which has only once per day and yeah where you can try it and then just share it um yeah so that's that's what everyone is sharing in twitter and on other socials so there is no app on app store and those apps are kind of fakes so there you have it it just has a new url again because it was acquired by new york times

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