Wordle app RELOADED or CLOSED.. What happens?

so i have wordle app um so what happens if you for some reason you just reload wordle app or you close the tab or anything so let's see so for example for some reason i just reloaded and you see my progress is saved the same thing happen if you close this tab or if you go to another tab so let's just do that and then oops that's my and then let's just go to portal again and as you can see the progress is saved even though i close the tab so that's basically how it works so no worries because this website just tracks your cookies so as soon as you log in or just go to this page from the same device from the second wifi network i guess that should be fine and your progress won't be lost but if you log in from another wi-fi another 3g another phone or something like that i think your progress will be lost because there is no option to create an account and to sign up

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