hey everyone so uh a lot of hype is around wardle app but the one downside of that is that portal app is only available uh once per day like you know so you can't play multiple times but there is an app which is called wardus which you can use like a instant practice for the for the world game and wardus is not developed by the same developer so it's not the original world game but yeah it looks almost the same yeah i think it's just the design everything looks almost the same and here you can play this game as many times as you want and sometimes i think even words is more complicated um so yeah uh there are a lot of like 63 000 ratings 4.8 out of 5 average writing you can see it's in the top charts and it's at the best training app for the wardle app so if you want to really be like a boss in like you know in the wardle app and show off to your friends that you have this like strikes that you're winning like 30 games in a row in wordle then this is the app for you go to app uh yeah and i'll just do a full overview how it looks like uh yeah you can see the reviews here uh some people uh really helped happy without it visit so you can see the average rating is 4.8 out of five there are no instructions this is intended to be like the game wardell so you can see like the rules everything is the same so if you understand how to play wardus you will just play wordle so and this why people like it because this is unlimited wordle and there are no ads so i enjoyed the first game in wardell but wanted to play more puzzles and didn't realize there was only one per day on the website here you get unlimited puzzles and there aren't any annoying ads like most of the other puzzle apps so definitely recommend only improvement would be making it compatible with device dark mode settings great it just makes needs some fixes uh there are just no real instructions and but it wasn't hard to figure it out so yeah in wardle app you just have a like quick information icon but uh where you can see all the clear instructions and when you enter a world you can see this pop-up screen where you can see all of that love it accept the only problem is sometimes the words are really difficult to get i was playing i got the word null i have never heard of that word i would not get this is it i do like the challenge but not that hard i still think this is an awesome game i should have downloaded so yeah like in the wardo's app i played both wardell and wardus so wardus uh it's more complicated than wardles so you should expect that you have unlimited games but here sometimes words can be really really hard even if you're a native speaker it can be pretty hard for you [Music] and some people just not really happy with that so some person writes my first guess was caso wasn't recognized uh so yeah some words are questionable so anyways here you can see all of that but let's just open open up this this app i already had like a video description of it but let's just do it again so here's your home screen and for a lot of people this is really like confusing what's going on here if you haven't played portal but then you can just type in top left and then you just have these instructions so what's this app is about so you have like you know five uh tabs here and you can guess you need to guess the correct word basically which is cons which is consisting of five letters and you have six attempts because there are six rows each word or can only be filed at reward and this cannot be like you know some gibberish something like that you can submit word but this should be a valid word so uh so like you have six attempts and enduring these six attempts you need to guess with only valid words then what is really helpful is there are different colors if you enter the word and then you see some letters a blue it because it's this letter is in the uh in the final world word and it's in the correct position if it's orange uh this letter is in the final word but it's in the wrong position if the letters are gray um it because they are just not in the final words uh so there you have it in in a wardle app you just have different colors so instead of blue you will have green instead of orange yeah you will just have like yellow and gray you will have gray so that's the difference so for example i'll just type the word share and in the bottom i need to tap submit work so as you can see here h and e are present in the final word but they're just in the wrong position so my next attempt would be to use h and e in the in the next gas because i want to really know the correct positions of these letters but i don't want to use i h on the on the second position because it's dumb and e because yeah obviously they're not there and i don't want to use a as sorry air are um but yeah you just probably you need to be a native speaker or you need to have really a lot of experience um so uh um i didn't actually know like uh okay so it's a stupid cast but you can see that e is now in the correct position and there is also t so so yeah sometimes i don't know that would be a stupid word that would be a stupid one so if you have like some words where you know you have to the same letters you will probably need to use some other word because yeah if you guess one letter wrong then it's like you have two positions run so there are so many strategies and tactics how to play this game correctly of course the main advantage is if you have really great vocabulary so i don't know okay so that was a stupid gas uh so r is not there it it's not ending on t and h is there something like press now press is not a is not there uh so there should be at least one uh vowel uh okay guys i don't know yeah i'm not like the best player here so that's the best the wrong gas yeah so this is really complicated and that's uh the the difference with the uh is the wordle app original that words here are more complicated um so yeah anyways so okay so that was the correct word was these aha okay and then i can just view my stats so i can see that i played eight uh i want 63 percent i can think the gas distribution um i can just share it like also the wardle app when you share it it just produces a really nice icon here it doesn't produce it just has like quarters stats and it doesn't produce any image i think which is uh yeah you can do it better i just want to note this little diagram as i have in wordle so that's that but the cool part of course is that this wardeos app doesn't have ads that's amazing and it also has unlimited tries and then i can just play again i'm playing instantly a new game so that's of course a great advantage compared to wardell where you just have one game so there you have it uh hope overall this this overview was helpful for you so you can get started it can become really addictive as long as soon as you one won like one two games in a row you will just playing it half of the day uh yeah then you will just play it also next day and all of that so if you can get addicted to this game it's really that's that's kind of why um so that's just my take on it definitely give it a try interesting game interesting app and as you can see super clean no ads you don't need to buy or subscribe or anything so use this moment thank you for watching subscribe to my channel

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