Wordus app overview

here is this viral app which is called wardus so there is wardle app and this is another one called uh wardus so i can just tap get to install it and then i can just use touch id to install it uh maybe you have seen that this app is one went viral on twitter you can see a lot of ratings and there is also an ipad app so here i just need to submit word uh yep and then i can see my stats so yes this is uh where you can see all the gases and all of that yeah so that's basically how you install the app and start playing i actually don't know okay so this is not a violet board so then [Music] for example if i use the green things and then i just get some other words and i don't know what why some of these are light green either a yellow light gray green and yellow [Music] so this is not a valid word okay so now i need to to guess that word and now i need to to get some other uh letters and then if they're green ones okay so now i have uh i know that there is letter a in the word so now i need to to guess something else so yeah i guess you you have the idea so you can see how many times i played how ten times i won hope that is helpful super addictive app

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