Workouts by Muscle Booster app overview

hello everyone so here is this app which is called workouts by muscle booster so let's just install it on iphone see how it works what this app is about and all of that um so you can yeah just have these like plans of workouts developed right in the app you can get personalized workout plan train anywhere or scouts try taylor to your age for 150 plus workouts with videos so you can develop that so you can just start easily by setting your goals either it's weight loss muscle gain or to be more active how does it work according to your personal data our smart algorithm will suggest a personalized workout plan so let's just open up the app so i can just show you and let's just try to create an account together um so yeah which goal you want muscle gain or weight loss so you can have step one of 12. so like yeah then you can just set your target zones you can set up your level i don't know like what's that entry and you can just set your height then you can set up how old you are choose your location either at home or gym and then that's it then the app will just create your personal plan so that's personal workout is ready uh duration four weeks call muscle gain level beginner and then you can just get your plan and then uh yeah you can just get unlimited access to your personal plan uh you can start from one month one year three months let's see so then you just need to uh either 59.99 per year a lifetime access 400 or just one month three months and all of that um so yeah seems there is no like free version you can always try it's like for one month uh so if you tap that then you will be prompted to start a subscription but yeah there you have it yeah so something like that um yeah so that's how it works yeah unfortunately i like i won't show you inside of the app how it works but there you have it that's it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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