World App is at CAPACITY. If claiming grants not available please try again later

World App is at CAPACITY. If claiming grants not available please try again later

In a recent video transcript, it is reported that the World App, which enables users to claim World Coin grants, has reached its maximum capacity. The transcript states that when attempting to claim grants, users are met with a notification stating that the World App is at capacity and advises them to try again at a later time.

The reason for this capacity issue seems to be the overwhelming demand for the Genesis grant, as millions of users are rushing to reserve this particular grant. As a result, the app is experiencing a surge in traffic, leading to its current state of capacity.

Here's how the process works: users are given the opportunity to reserve World Coin grants once every seven days. Once the grant becomes available, users can then proceed to claim it. However, each grant is only available for a limited time period of seven days. Once that period ends, users can reserve another grant.

During the initial hours of the grant's release, the app was reported to be highly inaccessible, with users unable to even log in. However, it appears that the situation has improved, as the transcript mentions that the app can now be opened and managed, albeit with a small bar displayed at the top.

For users facing difficulties accessing the app, the transcript advises them to try reloading the app or attempting access a few hours later. This could help alleviate the impact of the high traffic and potentially provide a smoother experience.

Unfortunately, the transcript does not provide any details regarding whether there is a limit to the number of Genesis grants available. Therefore, it is advisable for users to act promptly if they wish to secure this grant within the given time frame of seven days.

In conclusion, the World App is currently facing capacity issues due to the overwhelming demand for World Coin grants, specifically the Genesis grant. Users are advised to be patient and to try accessing the app at a later time if they encounter any difficulties.

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