World of WIT APP - what is it & how to use?

so this is some new trending app so let's just get into it it's called world of vit this reel of encrypted photos uh so to install it yeah just use your face id or touch id and then install it um just like 28 megabytes photos and memories v-i-w-i-t encrypts your photos into puzzles that have you discover your memories all over again play or share facebook whatsapp twitter have your friends look closer with vit surprise and we also challenge them vt converts any photo into puzzle even with a nice hiding blur option make your photos stand out send them svit and your friends can solve it be warned it's really addictive uh vi wit stands for what is this where is this who is this why is this one is this uh yeah so that's pretty interesting and then yep so that's pretty interesting concept and yeah i think it can be super addictive so what i need to do here is just allow access to all photos and then i can just show vit um and then i can just this uh yeah i don't know like how should i solve it so basically right now i have this photo and i should just drag it around and it is also blurred so it this makes it even more complicated like yeah it can take quite a long time to to shh um [Music] so it can take quite a lot of time to solve it i guess i just need to drag like you know similar colors to similar colors tease your friends so for example i want to take a photo so okay i will take a photo of this pringle and then i just want to use the photo here and there you have it great vit so now i just want to do something like okay uh this this is i can blur the image and then okay that's a bit easier and then i can just test it so okay nice so it can be super addictive that's true no that's the wrong move here okay i got this one almost there now i can put it here this one i put here yay so now i solved as this and then yeah so that's that's how it works and then i can just send it so that's pretty cool and then yep i can send it to someone or upload from photos um so that's basically and then you can receive all these vits from some other people i guess uh and yep that's basically how the app works uh super cool idea uh so definitely you can just tease your friends just by creating this wit or vit i don't know how it's pronounced exactly and then just send it to your friends and yep then just tease them and have fun

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