so here is interesting app which is called world of wit and it's in the top chart so i'll just search for you so that you know the exact name of the app and world of w80 it only has 117 ratings but it's already going viral so you can create this kind of puzzles from from your photos and share to your friends um so let's just do that so you can either take a photo or just select some photo from your photo library so for example i can just take photo of this chips and then i can just use the photo and then i can just shuffle i can see options i can blur the image or not blur and then i can just drag it like this and then i okay because it will be too complicated and then okay it's too much let's just do this and then here is my w i t and then you can always test it so now i need to create like an image out of this the same as you do with every puzzle so there you have nope yep so it can be super addictive or something is working here yep there you have it so super interesting you can just create no it's not there okay also not here yep so now you have that um so that's basically the process and of course you're not sending this kind of pictures but for example imagine if someone is engaged or some like interesting cool event is happening and you don't want to send like a photo of that event to your friends because they will just see it but you can just send like a little puzzle share with your friends and then you can just tap that and then just share it to yeah to your friends okay anyways something's not working here but that the idea is that yep then you can just send it to your friend and i will try to to solve it oops something's not working uh but yeah um that's basically the idea of that be some something super creative i haven't seen the app like this for a while and then you have some test vit with each you can just play around and it can be super addictive as any puzzle so here you can see like some puzzle here so you can try to play that uh nope okay so something and then you can just try to move it around like here and then just try to play with it so yep so yeah that's basically it so anyways hope it was helpful

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