Worldcoin app “Claiming grants not available - please try again later ”

When using the WorldCoin app, you may encounter a message stating that claiming grants are currently not available and to try again later. This issue can occur when the app becomes overloaded with users. It is nothing to worry about, as it is a temporary situation that can be easily resolved.

If you come across this message, you can try accessing the app again in a few hours or the following day. This delay should provide ample time for the server to stabilize and grant claiming functionality to become available once more. Remember, you have a window of seven days to claim the grant, so there is no need to rush.

To claim the grant, simply navigate to the appropriate section within the app and follow the steps outlined. Once you have done so, the grant will be reserved for you and ready for use. It is a straightforward process that should not cause any inconvenience.

If you encounter any difficulties with the app or face issues beyond the temporary unavailability of grants, you may consider logging out and logging back in to see if that resolves the problem. Additionally, it is always a good practice to back up your account to maintain the security of your wallet and World ID. This precaution helps safeguard your information in case of device loss or replacement.

In summary, the message stating that claiming grants are not available in the WorldCoin app is typically a temporary inconvenience caused by excessive user activity. Waiting for a few hours or until the next day should enable you to proceed with claiming the grant as intended. Remember to periodically back up your account to ensure the safety of your wallet and World ID.

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