WORLDCOIN ORB VERIFICATION - location, my experience & handy tips

During my recent visit to the WorldCoin Orb verification location in Central Berlin, I had an interesting experience that shed light on the verification process and some handy tips for fellow users. Here is a transcript of my findings:

  • The location, named NBB, was relatively deserted on a Saturday weekend, with minimal foot traffic.
  • Security was tight, with about three to four security personnel present at all times.
  • The WorldCoin manager oversaw the operations and was instrumental in guiding users through the verification process.
  • Upon arrival, the WorldCoin manager requested my booking confirmation, emphasizing the importance of having it readily available.
  • ID verification was another crucial step in the process, demonstrating the need for users to carry valid identification documents.
  • The verification location featured specific devices and ORS tools essential for the verification process.
  • Despite the lack of a large crowd, the verification process was smooth and efficient.

The verification process with the WorldCoin Orb involved the following steps:

  1. Waiting for Orb confirmation.
  2. Calculating a unique code for verification.
  3. Receiving confirmation on successful verification.
  4. Unlocking additional functionalities on the platform.

Users were encouraged to verify with Orb promptly to secure their share of WorldCoin, with earlier verification resulting in higher rewards. Despite initial concerns about reserved grants, the process proved successful for many users, with some encountering minor glitches that were eventually resolved.

After my verification with Orb, I received an additional welcome grant of 10 coins. Although I initially faced some technical issues, such as buttons disappearing and reappearing, the process ultimately worked seamlessly after a brief delay.

Overall, the WorldCoin verification experience was informative and rewarding, demonstrating the platform's commitment to security and user benefits. The process may vary for each user, but diligence and adherence to the guidelines can lead to a successful verification outcome.

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