WORLDCOIN ORB - what is it & how it looks? My experience

World Coin Orb, also known as WORLDCOIN ORB, is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way we verify and interact with the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. I recently had the opportunity to experience the World Coin Orb in action during a verification process in Berlin. Here is a breakdown of how it looks and what the user needs to do when using the Orb:

  • The World Coin Orb is a compact device that is not overly large in size. It features tools for Humanity and is labeled as the "orb 3.2."
  • Typically, the Orb is found in centralized locations, often with multiple Orbs available for use. However, due to the current market conditions and the price of Worldcoin, these Orbs are not heavily utilized at the moment.
  • When verifying with the Orb, users need to start the process on their mobile phones. By initiating the verification on the phone and then looking up at the device, users can complete the verification process seamlessly.
  • Unfortunately, World Coin Orbs are not available for purchase online. Those interested in utilizing the Orbs need to apply to become an Orb operator to gain access to this innovative verification tool.

In conclusion, the World Coin Orb offers a unique and secure way to verify transactions and interact with the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. While it may not be readily available for online purchase, the application process to become an Orb operator opens up the possibility of experiencing this cutting-edge technology firsthand.

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