Worldcoin “You are verified. You have successfully verified your account”

Worldcoin recently introduced a new feature where users receive instant verification and access to additional functionalities upon signing up. The message "You are verified. You have successfully verified your account" provides users with a notification of their successful verification process. This update aims to enhance user experience and streamline account verification procedures.

Upon verification, users are prompted with a screen displaying their share of Worldcoin, which will be received gradually over the next year. To claim their share, users are required to accept the terms and conditions provided on the screen. This process allows users to unlock more functionalities within the Worldcoin platform and participate in the distribution of shares.

Key points to note from the verification process include:

  1. Instant notification of successful account verification.
  2. Gradual distribution of Worldcoin shares over the next year.
  3. Claiming process to access shares.

After verifying their account with Worldcoin, users can access their World app to view their unique World ID located at the bottom center of the screen. This World ID serves as confirmation of successful verification with the platform, providing users with immediate access to the benefits associated with their verified account.

Overall, Worldcoin's verification process offers users a seamless experience with clear notifications and access to additional functionalities. By simplifying the verification process and enhancing user accessibility, Worldcoin aims to provide a more user-friendly platform for its community members.

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