X app - Subscribe to Premium to Call

So, when using the X Twitter app, you might encounter a feature that requires a premium subscription to make calls. In the video transcript, it states that if you tap on the phone icon located in the very top right corner, just above your name in the chat, you will see a message that says "Subscribe to premium to call audio and video calls." This indicates that audio and video calls are a premium feature in the X app.

To gain access to this feature, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. The app does allow you to make free incoming audio and video calls, but if you want to initiate calls yourself, you will have to upgrade. However, it's worth noting that sending voice messages is still available for free. In the bottom right corner, you can find the option to record and send a voice message, without requiring a premium subscription.

In summary, while the X Twitter app provides free incoming audio and video calls, making outgoing calls requires a premium subscription. Voice messages, however, can still be sent free of charge. If you wish to take advantage of audio and video calling features, you will need to upgrade to the premium version of the app.

Video Transcript Summary:

  • Calls on X Twitter app require a premium subscription
  • Tapping on the phone icon shows a message prompting to subscribe for audio and video calls
  • Upgrading to premium allows you to make outgoing audio and video calls
  • Incoming audio and video calls are free
  • Voice messages can be sent without a premium subscription
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