X app will charge new users to post, comment and like. Already in New Zealand and Philippines

X app, a popular social media platform similar to Twitter, is making headlines with its new payment policy for new users. According to recent reports, the app will now charge new users for basic features such as posting messages, replying to tweets, and liking tweets. While current users in New Zealand and the Philippines will not be affected by these changes, new users in these countries will have to pay in order to access these features.

This new payment plan is currently being tested and is aimed at reducing spam and the presence of bots on the platform. The one-time fee for creating an account is set at $1, making it a relatively affordable option for users who wish to engage with the app's functionality. It's worth noting that this fee is not a recurring monthly payment but rather a one-time charge.

For those residing outside of New Zealand and the Philippines, there is no need to worry. Users from other countries can still enjoy the app's features at no cost. It seems that the developers are testing the waters with this new policy, starting with a limited trial in these two countries.

The introduction of a paywall for certain basic features may raise concerns among users accustomed to free access. However, X app's aim to combat spam and bots is a valid justification for this shift. By implementing a small fee, the platform hopes to prioritize meaningful engagement and discourage malicious activities.

It remains to be seen how successful this payment model will be in practice. As it stands, existing users in New Zealand and the Philippines can continue to use the app's features at no cost, while new users in these countries will be required to pay the one-time fee. X app's decision to test these changes in specific regions will provide valuable feedback on whether this new payment policy achieves its intended goals.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, it is not uncommon for app developers to experiment with different strategies to improve user experiences and ensure the integrity of their platforms. Time will tell if X app's new payment policy will be successful in its intended purpose and whether it will expand to other regions in the future.

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