XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends - APP OVERVIEW

welcome to my youtube channel so today we're gonna explore this app which is called ho ho chat and make new friends uh join your clan and play dating games so this is kind of like a metaverse dating app so this is how it looks like yeah to create an account you just need to answer a few questions similar to other dating apps like bumble or plain plenty of fish dating something like that like few questions but they are not that boring and there are not that many of them uh they're actually pretty fun questions and then they just create some kind of like emotional profile of you so here is my account and then yeah this is my account and that this is my profile that's uh yeah this is just some like meta avatar or something which characterizes my my like my character my treats uh like that am i an introvert or extrovert my emotional rational and all of that and then based on that profile you can meet similar like-minded people uh so then you can just see your profile probably it's not the best picture but anyway so uh that's your settings you can edit your profile add up to six photos see your name you can verify your photos see tags add pronouns so then you can just write so yeah and then you have like badges so here you can equip some badges like depending what you did then there are like some two times two times discovered uh so that's that's my total that's basically that's my profile and that's who i am based on the questions i answered uh it might be not completely like relevant in my case i don't think like i'm 80 percent extrovert like observe one intuitive thinking feeling judging prospecting assertive turbulent so that's that's that so yeah something like that and then you just have these cards and then you just swipe it's not possible to select filters because they we don't believe in personally human beings outfits filters so in your feet you will see people of all gender sexuality bodies and backgrounds unfiltered your level uh purpose decrease currently shows that you are truly young at heart uh so same mindset new people and then you just swipe like just like that it's not possible to swipe to reject people or something like that so just continuously swipe all genders all people and then you can like someone or you can see the uh mental edge i don't know then you can go to profile you can block or report the user you can try to to chat or send message then you will see all the chat there is some like group chat here i don't know like what what that is uh then all the likes are coming matches also here so this app is more like you know avatar based kind of meta wars app where it's boss attention to your real photos but also there is this like avatar which like kind of distracts and you don't always look at the real physical image you try to have some like you know emotional connection so maybe that can be helpful uh but i i think the yeah the database of people is growing it's not that big yet because if i just reshuffled uh yeah my account it just shows the same people so okay i earned some badge so i can just wear it off here so that's basically that then again i'm just swiping so that's basically how it works then there is also shop uh which you can get here spotlights you can bring more visibility uh but for that it costs like 150 coins so then you can purchase all these coins so that's basically how the app is monetized you can buy 10 000 coins for 39.99 you can get 100 coins here super likes opening lines that's 120 so that's basically coins so yeah that's how it works there is no premium subscription as i understand like tinder plus or in their platinum uh yeah but you need to have these coins to proceed with the app and then there are all these different outfits and so you can also see all these different shapes and opening lines so that's that's that that's basically the app like it is um then let's just go to some technicalities if you tap on your icon enterprise there is your account where you can delete your account if you want in the bottom you can also just hide account if you want if you want to keep your account but need some privacy you can hide it from others instead and then you can add and hide it at any time if you delete your account then yeah it's just deleted or you can just disable notifications you can edit your email you can edit password logout here and then there is help and support so you can just contact haha support i don't know actually if it's pronounced ho ho oxioxyo like what was the correct way to pronounce it these are your badges so nice nice app to play with there are some faq section you can read here so that's basically that that's the app i don't know of course you can play with it you can check it out uh interesting interesting app then uh in the bottom you can also add some more content you can just take photo video or choose from library to showcase your profile more and that's basically it um so hope this overview was helpful for you guys um yeah visit my website mr hack.i always do some overuse of the apps and software which might be interesting um yeah i also run a podcast around apps and crypto on web streets called mr heck your podcast hope that is helpful again and thank you for watching hopefully see in the next videos

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