y2k app icons - which app to use to install?

Have you heard of the new trend in app icons called y2k? It's all about bringing back the aesthetics of the year 2000 into your device. If you want to hop on this trend and give your phone or tablet a nostalgic makeover, there's an app that can help you do just that.

The app in question is called "Color Themes Wallpaper Widgets." As the name suggests, it not only offers a wide variety of themes, but also allows you to customize your wallpaper and add widgets to your home screen. But what makes this app particularly interesting is its collection of y2k-themed icons.

To access these y2k icons, simply open the app and navigate to the themes section. Scroll through the options until you find the "Year 2k" theme, which is currently trending. Once you select it, you'll see that the icons depict a design reminiscent of the early days of Windows, specifically Windows 95 or Windows 2000.

If you're intrigued by this throwback look and want to incorporate it into your device, there is a catch. The y2k theme is not available for free. To unlock it, you'll need to upgrade to the premium version of the app, which costs $20 per year or $5 per month. However, with the premium version, you'll have access to not only the y2k theme but also other premium features.

Once you've upgraded and obtained the y2k theme, you can easily install it through the app. In addition to icons, you can also customize your wallpaper and add widgets to further enhance the nostalgic vibe. The app even allows you to add specific icons and widgets to suit your preferences.

If you're looking to give your device a unique and trendy makeover, "Color Themes Wallpaper Widgets" is definitely worth a try. Embrace the y2k theme and reminisce about the early days of technology while enjoying a modern user experience.

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