YallaChat app - what is it? How to use?

here's the other chat app so let's just go through some quick overview what this app is about as it's entering top charts in the us app store uh this app is one of this um you know random video chat apps but also uh yeah it's also messaging app group chat and secure messaging and all of that enjoy free voice and video calls anywhere anytime download yellow chat now to keep in touch with people who matter to you you have secure messaging you have voice and video calls mini games atom reminders you can share moments everything like that so let's just open the app and here is the app here so you have chats then you have contacts and then you have moments so yeah you can just go and here is some example of the chat you can add friends here in the top right part you need to search for yellow chat ids so here is like my id for example you can reset this qr code then you can just show to your friends it and that's about that so here you can auto add contacts there are like phone contacts uh scan qr code um you can start a new chat in top right and then there are contacts like this you can create groups you can add new friends then try moments so and and then you can just share something and post it to everyone and then you can just change privacy and that's basically your how this is working and then you can just post it yourself just post this moment it's basically it's very visual so it's not tax force it's like image first a video first and you just share that and then you have all the start messages available here then there are some moments then there are games and minis you can also play some games in this app so that's that and then uh yeah then there are also settings in case you want to delete your account just go here in account security and tap on three dots in top right and then from here you can just tap to delete an account then you also have chats you can have delete chats delete all chats so and answer is privacy and then network test language you can log out so yeah if you want to edit your profile just tap to edit profile select username select your gender uh select your country you can change your profile picture here so this app overall is kind of like a whatsapp uh it's popular in some countries uh so if you're creating uh an account you see in the priority of phone numbers it's like us or some like arabic countries mostly so you know like different regions like their own apps so something like that and yeah that's the idea um i hope you enjoy it and that's that and that's the app definitely give it a try if you've heard about it or not or yeah you know maybe your friends are using it this just tutorial for you to have a very basic understanding how this app looks like and what you can expect from it thank you for watching

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