Yepp app - Memes & Meme maker - overview & how to use

here's interesting app yep memes um and me maker so let's just tap to install it let's just type cat and then usually touch ID to install it and yeah yep is the first app where you can get paid for making memes and sharing them with friends now you have a fancy job title for a social networks bio you are a meme producer no more need for Photoshop or complicated editing apps now every meme from your endless meme feed is editable we made the simplest maker based on machine learning OCR Technologies so you can just add change captions to any picture with a few tabs um so this car museum for creators follow profiles like share music's friends the most used to invite the more you can earn as well um so yeah that's interesting concept let's up let's open up the app and let's explore it there is another app in this category which is going viral called my mix where you can also add captions to the memes um so yeah um there is some Trend with these apps very simply so there you have it there is some private policy so something like that and then you can just create an account here continue with Apple or you can sign up with Google uh then later you can verify uh and earn 10 YC every day just by watching memes great memes earn YC every 100 use your memes get um and yeah so something like that so now you have your profile you have all your subs you can check your balance uh you can see a wallet I don't know if it's working with cryptocurrency uh or probably it does so then you can just tap to to create a new meme trending now so now you have like building the meme so it's basically a creator app uh so now here you can just edit those um so for example you can just delete those and then uh so for example and then you can just add something like this uh yeah I don't know like whatever and then you can just add like mean preview uh attacks uh only me all users and then you can just tap next and then just uh post it in specific category so of course then there are some ad ads and yeah so then there you have it uh that's your meal and then you can get some like these coins just by by uh yeah uh by people watching Your Meme so that's basically the idea um that's how it works you can see all the account stats you can see me Munich views uh you can see a likes you can withdraw Bitcoins uh Yap coins but yeah a lot of ads here so anyhow that's basically how it works and then uh you can just browse through the memes here in the feed and there's like a meme browser basically uh so yeah something like that pretty cool actually it's kind of uh I don't know it's of course it's similar to any other like social media but it's just solidly focused on memes and maybe it's a good niche uh so definitely give it a try check it out I'm just trying this either out as well um so yeah hope it's helpful

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