Yes Network app - buggy, doesn’t work - what to do?

so here is yes network app which is quite high in the charts support charts on the us app store and you can see live streams of yankee snatch and you see if you see liberty games pick and play live a lot of different cool features and you have this app available on iphone ipad apple tv but still like you see the average rating is quite low on this app like uh why is that because like there are like seal still like so many bugs and this app is quite glitchy some people say like this app made me miss the winning play of a dance match i refreshed the app and then it was frozen so it quickly went to the app and for some reason locked me out and the website final finally started playing the yankees already won so as you can see and it's not the one person so uh there are also like comments about major annoyances what's the point of the poll graphic and the edge graphic on our screen on top of the giant the app logo on the upper right hand corner sometime app on ipad works fine other times it doesn't and i have to go to the other one but changes uh this new version is far worse this new version is why worse when it comes to ux they remove the button to switch the portrait and landscape mode the only way to get into landscape mode is now to turn your phone uh great potential however the app constantly asks you to sign in still needs a lot of work worst streaming app i have ever encountered i have now experienced a worse app in all of my life this person writes i wish i could give zero stars or even a half not only does it constantly lock me out of my fire stick it only takes me five or so efforts for the app to even stay open it will just never open uh the issue on fire stick has been the result in the latest release of the yes app version 2.0 please download the latest version so yeah what you can do is just try to constantly update the app however i don't understand why it's still kind of a bad quality it's like one of the most trending apps in sports category like why there are so many bugs you can always reach out to the yes network app support you can just tap here on the yeah on the support yes app support or general support so there are like two tabs and then you can just reach out here to their zendesk com there are most popular questions and then there is some technical support maybe yeah you can tap in top right and then just submit a question so that's how you submit your support request and probably i will have more detail detailed support to help you out

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