YikYak app - bugs, glitches, doesn’t work - what to do?

i'm just going here through the some overviews for the uh for the yik yak app and seems uh like while this app is really growing in popularity especially for like in us if you're living in the in the college town you can see all the gossip around you anonymously and all of that so a lot of like students and teenagers actually enjoy that but seems there are still so many bugs with the app and uh yeah so let's just explore what kind of bugs are there so if i try to search for uh like yak okay something is not working i'm just trying to so here's the app find your heart you can see it's in top charts uh so that's cool but there are some features which people don't have like muting words you can't do that notification tab needs work poor implementation first is that the app runs very poorly the app is slow sometimes completely unresponsive lots you actually need for about them 30 seconds when you already seen them so [Music] so that's that needs technical work it says no post in the area however how our people actually like are located in the area where there should be a lot of students and all of that um so much potential but so many bugs and clicking the notification often won't even load the relevant post after mod system will just put on posts and comments with swear words in them and have no idea if reporting actually brings anything app doesn't open anymore an incredible idea mediocre execution it's okay but so there are like bunch of technical bugs here and there so that's why you can see that average writing is 4.1 out of 5. so that's that but yeah so that's basically you

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