YikYak - NO POSTS IN AREA - bug overview

so here is uh yukiak app and the common bug is that it says there are no posts in the area however people say you can sit in the exact same spot and would often not load all of them at once so like either either bug or some kind of air especially when people are literally located in like highly populated areas in the u.s um or somewhere there are no posts in that area it says so that's like one of the issues and then after there a lot the app it the the post seems to appear um it says it sometimes takes a couple of tries of opening and closing the app refreshing and waiting to get posts from further back to lord [Music] yeah so there is some kind of technical issue for sure around that or maybe if you're just located outside of us or outside some big city there are really no posts in that area so i don't know what can be the issue if you solve this this technicality please just comment below you can help thousands of people

test again to make sure upload and ...
test again to make sure upload and everything works
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