Yoga-Go app - preview & how to create an account

hello everyone so here is the app yoga go yoga for weight loss um daily women fitness workout so let's just install this app so let's just use touch id so the the app size is just 54 or so megabytes and this app features easy yoga workouts to lose weight smart training plans visible results guided exercises yoga combines customized fitness and weight loss plans along with a healthy meal tracker giving users an all-inclusive anytime anywhere solution to build a more town and sexy body maintain emotions and harmonize your life so here you can see all the information there is obviously a subscription there are 9 000 plus ratings very nice average writing so let's just tap here you can allow notification and let's just go through the process of creating an account and then you just what is your hate then you just add all of this information so just try to do that and then you just can add all this additional info then you can just add all of that so you just tap continue and then yeah then this app just creates your personal workout plan it's really cool your four week plan to lose weight is ready continue and then yeah get unlimited access to your personal yoga plan one month 14.99 12 months 52.99 three months 34.99 so yeah that's that's pretty cool and then um so yeah can i just continue without that 34.99 every three months and that's yeah okay um so let's just check out if i can just open the app again and then i can get started so yeah yeah this app is only in the paid subscription but i think it's still really nice app really powerful and useful so yeah no just try try it out it's not a big price here to pay but i just want to upgrade right now but uh yeah you this app has 14 million users who have chosen this app which is pretty cool and you can basically see this results with yoga where you have all these personal plans generated for you workout plan easy to follow trainings back ups legs butt adapted to your knees follow video tutorials train effectively uh and yeah that's the app basically but yeah you need to subscribe here it is not possible to get on a free trial or use this app for free or something like that so that's basically what it is i hope you can have a nice fit start to a new year thank you for watching

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