Yolla International Calling app - full overview

hello so here is this app international calling yola let's explore it so it has a size one a 105 megabyte so let's just use touch id to install so you can save on calls abroad you can have best deals on international calls mobiles and landlines call anyone abroad even if they don't have the app and then send sms to 150 countries of the world display a number no hidden chart changes yola helps call abroad since 2015 so yep it has so far almost 4 thousand ratings 4.5 out of 5 average writing so let's just open the app and see how you can create an account accept and continue so uh you need to get a phone so here i have another app which might be interesting for you which is called text now or you can just get like unlock your us phone number and then i just type get code verify number so then i should just get this code so then yeah i just enter that so you can enable incoming calls so you need to allow notifications here so okay a lot of notifications from this app and then basically you just can add your name your email photo and then you can just tap done so there you have it that's how you created an account um you can top up you can send sms basically then you just need to add some contacts or you can just dial someone you can add that contact or you can just try to call uh that yeah so seems that uh it gives you very very small beginning balance so you can which is just enough to start the call but then it's uh yeah it's not completely enough to yeah to just have normal conversation one minute long so then just need to add like credits so four dollars of credits are just worth four dollars to your apple pay bank card or paypal or 4.99 your app purchase if you want to support the app also there is eight dollar credit which you can also just add it here and just do these cheap international calls so that's also interesting uh yeah so that's it's actually pretty cool app then you have your account so that's your phone number here which you can have uh you can change your phone number you can add a number and add like uh some you know some uh number of other country or something like that then there is mobile top up you can also send mobile top up to some other phones that's your account here you can also just delete account in the bottom log out and just connect also your facebook and that's basically it so that's pretty cool app just to do all these calls yep so interesting app also you can just share invites so you can use this referral code yola dot i am slash gz2 rvm so you can just share that in white like here so like that and then that in white will be yeah you'll be sent to your friends and then if they use it they will be a uh you will get some free minutes so yeah just use this invite and i can cut like five bucks or something but yes i overall just wanted to show you this app i never used it i think it's a nice solution to do like cheap calls abroad especially when you are traveling somewhere and like for example you are traveling in europe and you don't know all the raw mean details and you try to call some someone from you using your operator but maybe you forgot to turn on some like you know feature and then your call is extremely expensive so just to be safe when you are traveling something like that just use this app and yep that should be it i hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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