yope app overview - how to use?

let's go through your app this is a trending app where you can discuss anything uh to make new friends uh here you can see uh how it looks like you can have a feed disengaging topics europe is a safe place where you can be yourself you talk they get who you are they talk you make new friends and you all have fun now speaking on our lives only snippets you can chat about any topics with new people and even bring your friends to join all you need is just a link with something engaging enough to talk about so this is the app you can just open it up so to create an account you just need to enter a phone number and reserve username currently you can resource reserve some pretty cool usernames i just entered my first name and it's available so that's pretty cool so then you have your some different threads so people are just replying to that so they have this photo for example and they're just talking about it so that's pretty fun uh do the pictures look too fuzzy they are composed of as many pixels as the numbers of this are alive in the and then yeah you can just open that so basically that's the whole idea of the app that you are just discussing all these threads either some tv show some memes some photo and stuff like that so interesting concept for the app that's how it looks like you can also create uh your own uh so from here here is your profile and then you can delete your account you can contact for support you can join discord as well so this is kind of the just the first also they have like a live feature i don't know what that is so yeah that's how it looks like hope this is helpful

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