You can finally EDIT TWEETS! Example of edited tweet

so here's an example of edited tweet finally and Twitter is testing out this feature and this is how it looks like so you can go and check out this profile it says this speed is edited and then you will see this edited icon last added and then you just see edit history and then you can see this tweet is not edited but then this tweet is edited and then yeah how to identify it how to see it just in the bottom left you will see pencil icon and it just says last edited 11 37 pm and the date uh and you can say that this tweet was submitted from Twitter web app I'm not sure if it's available in beta test on mobile app so yeah here you can see some replies from it it was released a like a few days ago and then some we see posted this so yeah it's kind of interesting yeah it just took 16 years uh it's a joke and then yeah like uh Facebook was trolling that basically they implemented this feature so such a long time ago and the key to it is just that you see this added history and basically people can just see the history of your edits and that's that um and what what's about it but that was the whole idea of Twitter that you post something you can't edit it and if there are some weird things weird typos that's just in stays in the Tweet because otherwise if you post something it becomes viral and you change it and so yeah if you have so many few so few characters you can easily change context but let's see how it develops I'm not sure when this feature will be available to everyone or is it available already uh which markets will be available in and all of that but just that's how an example

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