You can see 6 HINTS in NGL APP on average

You can see 6 hints in the NGL app on average. The NGL app offers users the ability to gain valuable insights and information when browsing through messages. By upgrading to NGL Pro, users can tap on a message and discover six different hints.

The hints that can be seen include the location, phone, time, send software, carrier, ESP, and NGL ID. These hints provide users with a deeper understanding of the messages they receive and enable them to gather important details about the sender and the message itself.

Sometimes, the app may display even more hints. While the average is six, there are instances where users can uncover additional hints. In one example, a user shared that they were able to see seven hints in a message. This suggests that the app's capabilities may vary based on different factors such as the sender's settings or the message content.

In addition to hints about the sender, the NGL app also offers insights into the sender's friends. These friend hints can provide users with further context, especially if the sender's friends are active on platforms like Instagram. It adds another layer of information for users to consider when interpreting messages.

However, it's important to note that there may be instances where only a limited number of hints are visible. In certain cases, users might only see three hints, suggesting that not all messages will provide the same level of information.

This ability to uncover hints within the NGL app provides users with a more comprehensive understanding of their messages and the individuals sending them. Whether it's through learning about the location or identifying the software used to send the message, these hints empower users to make informed decisions about their interactions.

As the NGL app continues to evolve, users can expect more features and enhancements that further enrich their messaging experience. The ability to see hints provides a valuable tool for users to stay informed and engage meaningfully with the messages they receive.

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