You CAN’t ADD A WEB BROWSER in Rave app! Overview

Heroes Thrive app and yeah you can't add a web browser in rev app at the moment so if you just tap on plus there is web uh button if you tap on it it's like wow you can add a web browser but in fact it's it's not true web doesn't work with every video If a video can be played in a rave a pop-up will appear so basically it's just in the web you can you can search for videos which you can play and share in derive app usually these are like YouTube video so for example you can just search like that you just enter some search query in the in arrive and then maybe you can just tap on some video so then it just doesn't work you can still uh go and and see some of the videos and then you just need to look for a pop-up so it kind of appears and then you can start a room here so it's it acts like a web browser uh and you can still so then you can play some of the videos and then there is a pop-up and then actually you can watch this video in the in rave so that's how you can use a web browser so you can't use web browser like as a web browser and browse internet together you can just use Google and search for videos which you can just of course just you know just look up his friends and discuss in the chat what these videos are about so that's the idea it's not possible to share the whole browser screen here as it is so that's how you create a right room with the with the web browser hope that can be helpful if you know any other ways how you can do it just leave some comments below

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