You posted a BeReal and it is NOT SHOWING UP anymore..

so here's a common bug lately in the real a lot of users I'm just going through that are subreddit so a lot of users reporting that hundred percent they post it at be real on a day while uh yeah and it's not showing up anymore so you post it at be real and it's not showing up anymore it disappeared and also some users has said that Ben is also disappeared from memory so it's also not saved in your memories but you 100 sure that you posted it and it successfully uploaded and it was there so no worries like yeah this is a common bug seems it happened between 11th and 13th October or something like that some users are still reporting it um yeah like be real app is still a bit glitchy it has millions of users but probably the the pressure they have from this millions of users logging at the same time their servers might be they are not ready yet or something like that some people reported like you know reinstalling the app clearing the cache updating all of it doesn't help at this moment when this video is posted but make sure to update to the latest version of your burial and yeah probably you just need to wait for the latest version um also people try to reach out to support and what you will get will just get a generic response so yeah unfortunately it's just a common bug in in case in case you're wondering what happened

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