“You’ll get at least this if you verify…” - World app new grant

In a recent video transcript, a new grant in the World app was discussed. The title of the video is "“You'll get at least this if you verify…” - World app new grant". The speaker explains that by verifying on the app before a specific date, users can receive additional grants over a 12-month period. Let's delve into the details of this exciting new feature.

The World app, known for its virtual reality experiences and digital economy, has introduced a grant system to reward its users. By verifying their accounts, users will become eligible for these grants, which can be claimed and used as web3 cash.

To verify, users need to locate or travel to an orb in the virtual world. While orbs may be scarce, they are crucial for accessing the additional grant. Once an orb is found, users can proceed to verify and claim their reward. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acting quickly to maximize the amount of money received.

It is worth noting that this new grant is in addition to the existing grants already available in the app. By taking advantage of this opportunity, users can potentially enhance their virtual wealth and make the most of the World app's digital economy.

The precise amount of the grant and its distribution strategy are not explicitly mentioned in the transcript. However, the speaker's enthusiasm suggests that this additional grant will be a valuable asset for app users. Those who wish to benefit from this opportunity should act swiftly and ensure their verification before the specified date.

As further details and updates about the World app's new grant system emerge, it will be interesting to see how users respond. The concept of earning virtual rewards through verification aligns with the growing trend of web3 and blockchain technology. This integration of digital incentives and virtual worlds demonstrates the app's commitment to providing innovative experiences for its user base.

In conclusion, the World app has introduced a new grant system that rewards users who verify their accounts. By finding or traveling to an orb and completing the verification process, users can claim additional grants, which can be utilized as web3 cash. Act fast and maximize your virtual wealth by taking advantage of this exciting opportunity offered by the World app.

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