Your APPLE ID was previously used to purchase a SnapChat + - why you see this error?

here is Snapchat Plus and some users get this error your Apple ID was previously used to purchase a Snapchat Plus and then and then it cannot be used again and yeah that's and then there is an error and you can't upgrade to Snapchat Plus so as you can see now I'm upgraded to Snapchat Plus um and it works but um some users can upgrade and see that error why do you see that error it basically means that you have multiple Snapchats accounts on your on your phone maybe your another account and you already upgraded with one account and then you're using the same Apple ID and then you're trying to upgrade also there it's not possible so you can only have one Snapchat Plus subscription associated with one Apple ID so if you want if you have one account and that might be your friend also logged in on your on his account on your phone then you need to log out from your Apple ID and log out to another Apple ID to have another Snapchat Plus subscription so you just need to go to your app store app or Settings app go to your iCloud log out from current Apple ID which already has Snapchat Plus subscription just go here and log out log in with another Apple ID doesn't have active Snapchat Plus subscription and then subscribe is that new account

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