YouTube Brand Connect - what are the eligibility requirements?

YouTube Brand Connect - what are the eligibility requirements?

YouTube Brand Connect is an exciting new feature that is currently in beta and only available to a small group of creators. However, YouTube appears to be slowly rolling it out to more users and countries. If you're wondering what the eligibility requirements are for this feature, here's what you need to know.

Firstly, to be eligible for YouTube Brand Connect, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a Google account that is connected to YouTube. This requirement ensures that you have the necessary legal capacity to participate in this program. Additionally, you must have a YouTube account and be part of the YouTube Partner Program, which means your channel should be eligible for monetization.

Currently, YouTube Brand Connect is only available to creators based in the United States or India. If your channel is located in any other country, such as Canada, European countries, or the UK, you won't be able to access this feature just yet. However, it's worth noting that YouTube may expand its availability to more countries in the future.

Another important eligibility requirement is that your channel should not have any active community guidelines strikes. If you received a warning instead of a strike, it shouldn't hinder your ability to receive an invitation to YouTube Brand Connect.

If you meet these eligibility requirements, accessing YouTube Brand Connect is relatively straightforward. Simply sign in to the YouTube Studio on your desktop, navigate to the "Earn" section, and look for the Brand Connect tab. If your channel is eligible, this tab will be visible. From there, you can click on "Get Started" at the top of the screen or "Let's Go" at the bottom of the screen to review and accept the YouTube Brand Connect terms of service.

Once you are approved and have access to YouTube Brand Connect, you can go to the deal management section to set up suggested prices for your content collaborations. This feature essentially replaces the need for a brand agency, as it allows you to handle the negotiations and generate your own media kit and slides. It's a powerful tool that empowers creators to take control of their brand partnerships.

YouTube Brand Connect is available both on the YouTube Studio mobile app and on desktop. Give it a try if you meet the eligibility requirements and see how it can enhance your collaboration opportunities with brands.

In conclusion, YouTube Brand Connect is an exciting addition to the platform's offerings for creators. While it is currently in beta and limited to specific countries, more users are gradually gaining access. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements, follow the platform policies, and take advantage of this powerful feature to maximize your brand collaborations on YouTube.

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